Get rich out of nothing ! It’s possible

Starting from nothing and accumulating a fortune, is possible and these rich people from all over the world confirm it to us.

The stories of the men who started from nothing and get rich should convince you that it’s not out of your reach, that you can always be whatever you want, that money and happiness can be obtained by all who are ready and determined to have them.

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Conserving water is conserving life

Saving water, everyone’s responsibility!

Water ! This natural resource that neither technology nor humans can produce, now constitutes a strategic issue that we must preserve and conserve.

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Digital marketing an advantage for SME

Digital marketing is the most effective, but above all the least expensive, way to strengthen the promotion, increase visibility but also makes consumers faithful to the company and help them become a community on the Web.

Let’s now turn to the most important question : How to practice digital marketing?

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Like everywhere in the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the Algerian economy hard.

From large companies to small businesses and artisans, no one has been spared by this unprecedented crisis. While some have almost fallen into need, others have been able to be more flexible by listening to the market and adapting to the situation.

In other words, the health crisis has prompted people experiencing financial difficulties to undertake initiatives that they would not otherwise have considered.

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