ORAN: Where to go out during Ramadan 2023


Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with family, friends or colleagues, in a friendly atmosphere by tasting incredible traditional and international dishes, a refined and succulent cuisine to satisfy the most greedy, around an IFTAR or for an evening in Oran.

Discover the addresses that open their doors and kitchens to serve you and let you relax during the month of Ramadan.
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Fort of Santa Cruz

Mont Murdjadjo, 31000, Oran, Algérie

If you are coming to Oran, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Fort of Santa Cruz which dates back to 1577, a Spanish and Ottoman era, overlooking the bay of Oran with a breathtaking view!

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OleoTourism at MERDJ FRAH Guest House

Beni Aziz Commune, Setif province - Algeria

Live the OleoTourism experience in the Mediterranean at “MERDJ FRAH” a guest house in the middle of countryside and nature.

In the summer, enjoy the swimming pool for private use, leisure and entertainment activities and in the winter a good book around the fireplace with a panoramic view of the Babors and Sidi Mimoun mountains.

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Tipaza, city of history and hidden treasures

Tipaza or jewel of the Mediterranean, UNESCO World Heritage since 1982. A city that is distinguished by a particular beauty given by its broad coastline and its mountains that seem to watch over it since the dawn of time.

How about a closer look at this charming seaside town?

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