Flowers makes us discover the profession of florist

Discovery, tips and advice

Florist, a profession that we rarely hear about in Algeria, yet it is an interesting field, and requiring a particular know-how. Spending your time surrounded by flowers and greenery may seem like an easy and fun job for the average person.

Today, thanks to FLOWERS, we are going to discover the secrets of this job.

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Mediterranean olive oil

Oleo Tourism in Setif : Algeria

For thousands of years, olive oil has always been considered one of the foundations and inherent elements of Mediterranean cuisine. Known for the quality of its dishes and recipes, it is one of the best in the world.

Discover the Oleo Tourism; a concept very widespread in the north of the Mediterranean, especially in France and Spain. It has been introduced in Algeria, thanks to “MERDJ FRAH” which offers an original experience, to the Mediterranean culture and the olive oil fans.

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Eisenhower Matrix: Save time and increase productivity

We often complain that we don’t know where to start, because our daily lives are sometimes very difficult to manage and we often think that it is due to a lack of time. But it’s more a question of organization and prioritization.

What if I told you that you could do something about it with the famous Eisenhower Matrix!

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