Team Building: Motivate your teams!

What could be better than having a motivated, dynamic and strengthened team, as well as a positive atmosphere within your company?

How is it possible? Find out in this article by clicking on read more.

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Algerian companies at Libya Construction Expo

The sixth edition of the Libya Construction Expo (LCXPO) opened its doors from Monday, November 27 to Thursday, November 30, 2023, under the supervision of the General Exhibitions Authority. The fair was held in the Tripoli International Fairgrounds.

Pavilion 59 featured Algerian exhibitors from a variety of sectors.

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Startups in Algeria

Opportunities and challenges in a fast-growing sector

Startups are innovative companies that seek to solve problems and create value by offering revolutionary products or services.

If you’re curious to know how they are created, financed, developed and succeeded? stay until the end!

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the main advantages and challenges of startups, and give you some advice on launching your own entrepreneurial project.

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Artificial Green Wall: An Aesthetic Revolution in Decoration

A combination of art, science and technology, Interior design aims to optimize every space for efficient use in the pursuit of individual well-being. Which in just a few years has spread around the world, becoming the emblem of international chic and a reflection of the current trends in which we live.

The constantly evolving world of decoration fascinates many, a growing number of trends have emerged, including the Vertical Garden or the Green Wall, a concept from the USA, reproduced by Vertical Luxury Garden in Algeria.

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