The ASEAN Patio Pool Spa Expo

Thailand has already been named the Spa capital of Asia and the market for pools is expanding rapidly, mainly due to the increasing number of expatriates, the ongoing rise in tourism and significantly higher living standards.

As the only industry expo in Southeast Asia, the ASEAN Patio Pool SPA Expo (APPS) is committed to building an indispensable import and export platform in Southeast Asia.

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CRM How to manage your CUSTOMER relationship?

CRM: the ideal solution for managing customer relations.

Find out how and why you should integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into your business, and why it’s so important for managing customer relationships and enhancing your brand image.

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African market: great potential for Algerian companies

The African market has always held great potential, in a variety of sectors. From natural resources to a young workforce and great production potential, the continent is experiencing considerable economic growth. Indeed, it is becoming a magnet for many economically powerful countries.

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Team Building: Motivate your teams!

What could be better than having a motivated, dynamic and strengthened team, as well as a positive atmosphere within your company?

How is it possible? Find out in this article by clicking on read more.

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