Succeed in a project is not always so easy. Many people don’t know from where begin or how to get organized. What steps are you taking to achieve your dreams ?

Here are 05 points to follow towards the first steps to success.


The simple Steps to follow before get started on a project :

  • Ask yourself this question: What’s the purpose of this project?

Try to ensure a value purpose and a meaning to the project, at the expense of making money. 80% of entrepreneurs primarily aiming for financial success fail, the most important are values, passion, sharing and knowledges.

  • Collect as much information and knowledge necessary for the development of the project, and that from professionals and experts in the field enjoying a positive state of mind and success, distinguish those unable to achieve their own goals.
  • Determine the budget for the realization of the project do not wait to acquire all of the funds to take action.
  • Set deadlines for the achievement of the project and an exact launch date.
  • Define a clear and precise action plan, draw up 07 detailed first objectives, once completed, plan those to come and so on.

Determination is the key, the great secret of success is the mind. “Autosuggestion” dedicating half an hour a day reading goals and detailed expectations, accentuating the confidence in yourself, your project and in God. The solutions are surrounded you! Many opportunities will open up as you move forward.

“You are The Master of your fate, the Captain of your Soul”

W.C Henley