The export in Algeria: an easy operation?

Import-export is considered to be the engine and cornerstone of the global economy and international trade. We often believe that this subject is one of the most complicated without knowing that many simple details are missing.

The forwarder INTRAMAR provides us all we need to know about exporting in Algeria, beginning from the most exported products to documents to provide, making the task easy.

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Tipaza, city of history and hidden treasures

Tipaza or jewel of the Mediterranean, UNESCO World Heritage since 1982. A city that is distinguished by a particular beauty given by its broad coastline and its mountains that seem to watch over it since the dawn of time.

How about a closer look at this charming seaside town?

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The Qatari market, opportunities for Algerians

A positive economy! which is not affected by the international crisis and the situation of the country attracts more and more investors from all over the world.

Advantageous customs tariffs and opportunities that are multiplying thanks to the number of important sporting events that Qatar will host.

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During this summer, Zed DigiDek agency organized from 13 to 19 August 2022 the festival of Mediterranean flavors that took place in the capital of the West, Oran.

The event gathered about ten exhibitors of different flavors. From spices to artisan cannery, through bakery, pizza, fruit and gastronomy in general, this event aims primarily to promote local production, while creating leisure activities and entertainment for the general public.

It is also an opportunity to promote the Algerian craft very rich in its diversity, and to encourage these trades.

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