The Qatari market, opportunities for Algerians

A positive economy! which is not affected by the international crisis and the situation of the country attracts more and more investors from all over the world.

Advantageous customs tariffs and opportunities that are multiplying thanks to the number of important sporting events that Qatar will host.

Qatar’s economy being among the first in the world, with a strong growth rate. it is mainly based on oil and gas, which account for over 60% of GDP.

Thanks to the surplus revenues accumulated by gas and oil, Qatar can reduce its dependence on hydrocarbons.

For that, the Qatar National Vision 2030 program has been launched to invest in different markets and economic sectors for a diversified economy.

The participation of foreign investors and encouraged in the various sectors;

Source La banque mondiale

The building and construction sector being in full expansion in Qatar, the demand remains growing, opportunities for industries and Algerian companies in these sectors; to export their goods, create partnerships and invest in this market said to have great potential.


The 2020 census data showed that the number of buildings in Qatar has increased to 216,740. Residential buildings lead the list with 80.3%. Of the total new building permits issued in 2021, villas lead the list with 73% on average.

Source : Planning & Statistics Authority, GULF TIMES.

2023 Qatar International Exhibitions Program: