A tour of Yves Saint Laurent’s childhood


YVES SAINT LAURENT grew up in Oran; between 1936-1954 in a residence which is located at number 11 of the street Stora on the plateau Saint-Michel; whose visit is henceforth possible.

It was in this residence that Yves Saint Laurent discovered his artistic, drawing and fashion talents.

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Outdoor Yoga

Oran - Algérie

N.Y.A. Nomadic Yogi Apprentices are people who practice outdoors yoga in different places.

It is the subscribers who choose their session!

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Palais du Bey

Rue Philippe - Oran
March 31, 2021

Palais du bey, an architectural work that takes us on a journey through time during its visit, across its arcades, walls, decorations and Turkish designs in the Islamic and Andalusian style telling us the story of Oran.

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