Tipaza, city of history and hidden treasures

Tipaza or jewel of the Mediterranean, UNESCO World Heritage since 1982. A city that is distinguished by a particular beauty given by its broad coastline and its mountains that seem to watch over it since the dawn of time.

How about a closer look at this charming seaside town?

It is a beautiful coastal city located 70km west of the capital Algiers, founded by the Phoenicians in the 5th century BC.

Its name is also derived from this origin, which means ” crossing place” or “stopover”.


It then became a Roman city in the Roman province of Caesarian Mauritania. It flourished under the reign of the Numidian king Juba II between 25 BC and 23 AD.

It becomes with Caesaria “currently Cherchell” one of the hearths of the Berber and Greco-Roman culture in North Africa.

The ancient trading post and city still preserves many Phoenician, Roman, early Christian and Byzantine remains.

Today, Tipaza, attracts each year tourists from all over the world, seduced by its pleasant archaeological sites, its Mediterranean climate, its beaches and its beautiful streets.

Let’s discover together two of its invaluable treasures:


Spread over 70 hectares, in a typical Mediterranean setting, between nature and history is this impressive archaeological site described as:

“One of the most extraordinary archaeological complexes of the Maghreb” by UNESCO.

A site reflecting in a very significant way the contacts between the Berber civilizations and the waves of Punic and Roman colonization.

Let’s meet at the entrance of this sublime site!

If you come on an organized tour, you will probably be with a historical guide.

But if you are on your own, a local guard will probably take you under his wing and offer you an impromptu history lesson.

This archaeological park offers you to discover an ancient city in a breathtaking setting. Surrounded by a sea with turquoise waters, Mount Chenoua and magnificent dead trees sculpted by a Tipazian volunteer artist to give them a second life.

You will discover with amazement paved roads, the forum, baths, ancient sanctuaries, a cathedral and an imposing amphitheater and many other wonders, What beauty!

Stroll around and discover these heritage that represent the splendid beauty of ancient civilizations.

Do not miss the stele where are engraved the famous words of Albert Camus who was inspired by the beauty of this city: “I understand here what is called glory: the right to love without measure”.

The Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania:

Also called “Tomb of the Christian”.

It is a spectacular stone elevation in the form of a dome erected in the heart of a hill, which rises to 261 m above sea level decorated with 60 columns and 4 false doors of 7m high at the 4 cardinal points.

This sumptuous building is one of the symbols of this golden age and according to some historians, would have been built by King Juba II to keep the promise made to his wife Cleopatra Selene to bury him in a funerary building similar to the pyramids of Egypt.

Countless mysterious legends revolve around this mausoleum,

I invite you to discover this majestic oriental heritage and dive into the heart of its mystery which continues to captivate both specialists and visitors.

Tipaza is an excellent tourist destination, to spend a dream stay. Thanks to the various activities that you can organize with your family, friends or even alone. While discovering the richness of the Algerian heritage that it shelters. You will be fulfilled!