Mediterranean olive oil

Oleo Tourism in Setif : Algeria

For thousands of years, olive oil has always been considered one of the foundations and inherent elements of Mediterranean cuisine. Known for the quality of its dishes and recipes, it is one of the best in the world.

Discover the Oleo Tourism; a concept very widespread in the north of the Mediterranean, especially in France and Spain. It has been introduced in Algeria, thanks to “MERDJ FRAH” which offers an original experience, to the Mediterranean culture and the olive oil fans.

The consumption of olive oil was at one time reserved for the countries of the Mediterranean basin, which is the origin area of the olive tree.

While knowing that its existence dates back to Roman, Greek and even Phoenician times, according to some sources.

Currently, the consumption of olive oil has spread to the four corners of the world,

because of its great gustatory and nutritional qualities.

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which limit the risk of cardiovascular disease, olive oil is a source of vitamin E and a powerful antioxidant.

Its worldwide production and consumption are constantly increasing, no longer limited to the Mediterranean region.

This is why doctors and nutritionists often praise the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, whose main ingredient is olive oil. This precious substance, which can be eaten raw to accompany a salad or a toast, or used in cooking to prepare good dishes, is a great ally of health.

« Riacholive » 100% Algerian product

In the Maghreb, precisely in Algeria, olive oil occupies an important and sacred place in traditional cooking. Produced in the west, east and center of the country, Algeria is one of the countries that meet all the right conditions for optimal production in terms of quality and quantity.

In Setif for example, « Riacholive » success to make a name and this, since the construction of the only oil mill in the Beni Aziz region Merdj Frah in 2016. This oil is produced in an olive farm, located in the northeast of the City of Setif.

Indeed, « Riacholive » proposes an extra-virgin olive oil whose manufacturing method is made according to a modern process:

Cleaning and leaf removal;
Grinding and kneading;

Separation of the three components (oil, margines and grignions) by centrifugation;

Centrifuge: obtaining of a very good oil
quality and that with olives from the region only.
Made from a first cold press, extra-virgin olive oil is of superior quality and has retained all its properties.
Its acidity level does not exceed 0.08%, which gives it a naturally more pronounced taste and a perfect color.

In addition, the oil mill “Riacholive” of Merdj Frah offers two services, one dedicated to farmers of the region: oil press.

And another for the hosts and guests of Merdj Frah, who can stay there, participate in the harvest (when it is the season), taste the oil and buy it at the end of the stay at the farm’s local products store.

This is what is called, the Oleo Tourism; a popular concept in the north of the Mediterranean, especially in France and Spain. It has been introduced in Algeria, thanks to « MERDJ FRAH » which offers an original experience to the lovers of the Mediterranean culture, more precisely to the lovers of olive oil.

«MERDJ FRAH» a unique concept in Algeria

Indeed, no one doubts the attractiveness of the Setif City, which houses famous places at the national and international levels. Roman city of Cuicul, Djemila currently whose site is classified by UNESCO, El Eulma which is a commercial area, the Park Mall of Setif which is part of one of the largest commercial centers in Algeria.

In addition to the Guest House «MERDJ FRAH», located in the middle of the countryside and nature, in the heart of the town of Beni Aziz.

Approved by the direction of Tourism. « MERDJ FRAH » is located in an oleiculture area of six hectares with orchard, vegetable garden, farmyards and rose garden.

With a capacity of 8 persons and one family at a time. It has all the necessary amenities for your well-being.

A living room with fireplace, a mezzanine fitted out in traditional living room giving on a terrace with panoramic sight on the mounts Babors and Sidi Mimoun. As well as an outside living room in the middle of green spaces.

Without forgetting a fully equipped kitchen, hot water, central heating, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. There is also a television with satellite reception, books, board games, and everything that guarantees a comfortable and friendly environment.

Outside the house, there are plenty of entertainment activities available for all age groups.

A swimming pool for private use, a slide, a trampoline, a swing, a hammock, green areas for volleyball, badminton or basketball.

Nature and land lovers will also have the right to participate in agricultural activities, while having the opportunity to seek advice from an on-site gardener.

And best of all, guests of « MERDJ FRAH » can visit the olive mill and buy local products available at the farm store.

Store products:

Olive oil « RIACHOLIVE »
Artisanal soap
Honey and pollen

All organic products offered by MERDJ FRAH.

In short, this form of tourism, original and authentic, is perfectly suited to Algeria as a country that enjoys great natural potential and which already arouses the curiosity of some tourists, including foreigners.

The Guest House « MERDJ FRAH » constitutes a successful model, which can be generalized throughout the national territory, according to the particularity of each region.

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