How to make the right decisions?

Do you hesitate before making a decision? and you don’t know to what refer?

Decision-making is seen as an essential skill to be developed, because life is a succession of decisions and choices to be made.

In this article, you’ll find out why you’re hesitating! and get some tools to help you make the right decisions without hesitation.

There isn’t a day that goes by and we don’t have to make several decisions, from the most ordinary ones like choosing between a croissant or a chocolate croissant! to the big decisions that can change the course of a life, like quitting a boring job and taking up entrepreneurship!

Why do you hesitate?

It all starts when you have to choose between two or more possibilities, and from there, you can no longer distinguish what is good or bad for you, in another sense knowing the best decision to make!

It’s important to know that there’s no such thing as an ideal decision, what makes you feel better, doesn’t it? If a person understands that there is no ideal,

the fear of making the wrong decision doesn’t have to exist either; every choice has a list of advantages and disadvantages, which should be measured. We’ll get to that later.

Lack of confidence is usually one of the deepest roots of hesitation, especially when it comes to big decisions. It’s all about building self-confidence;
Failure to establish values in everyday and professional life can also make decision-making difficult, which is what we should be referring to;
Just like having well-defined goals and objectives, knowing where we’re going helps us make decisions that are in line with our desires.

Here’s a simple example to make the point:

If you go to buy a shirt in a store, once there you try on several shirts and a dress, and then the hesitation starts – you like the dress so much! and two shirts.

How do you choose? Stay focused on your goal: you’ve gone to the store for a specific need, to buy a shirt; so the dress is eliminated and between the two shirts, you refer to your budget for example.

Collecting and studying information translates here into remembering the colors you don’t have for example! or the shirt that will go with most of your pants. How many times have you bought items you rarely wear! because you’ve strayed from your goals without studying your real needs.

This example applies in all senses, in your daily life as well as in your work: investment, launching an idea, choosing a partner! …

There’s no such thing as a bad decision: it’s just a choice that doesn’t fit in with your values and desires. Lessons that help you to grow.

How to make the right decisions

We make decisions whether we want to or not, because even not making a decision, and not taking action, is a decision in itself. So it’s best to make SMART decisions.

The advantages and disadvantages list is a very useful tool.

Before drawing up this list, make a note of what you want, your goal. This will help you to identify the choice that leans towards your values and desires.

In professional life, you need to be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently to save time. The trick is to have well-established plans throughout the year.

Gathering as much information as possible, an analysis and study is mandatory before every project and major decision, and alternative plans should also be available.

Ask for support, whether it’s for big decisions or day-to-day accompaniment. But not to the first person you meet! Or to several people, as this will only widen the doubt as each person will give you their opinion! usually based on their own vision.

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Trust yourself, and follow your instincts – it usually has the answers. All the while keeping your goals and values in sight.