Get rich out of nothing ! It’s possible

Starting from nothing and accumulating a fortune, is possible and these rich people from all over the world confirm it to us.

The stories of the men who started from nothing and get rich should convince you that it’s not out of your reach, that you can always be whatever you want, that money and happiness can be obtained by all who are ready and determined to have them.

riches du monde entier

Become rich. Three motivating stories :

As you read these stories, remember that these men, like everyone else! Have encountered more than one problem in their lives, the difference is that they have found the courage, the determination and the hope to overcome them.


Bill Gates transformed the computer industry with the revolution of Microcomputing allowed to the general public.

He made everyone able to use computers. Subsequently became a virtual necessity in every office, school and home. This allowed him to accumulate billions of dollars and become the richest man in America.


Fascinated from a young age by computers, he started programming at the age of 13. He entered Harvard University in 1973, then he left university to devote his energy to his dream of creating a software company.

microsoft logo

A few years earlier, he and his friend Paul Allen formed a company, Microsoft. Guided by the belief that the computer would be an invaluable tool on every office and home. This vision of personal computing has been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry.

“Patience is a key element of success”

Bill Gates

2- Madam C.J. WALKER

The first American woman to become a millionaire in her own.

She began working at the age of 10 as a domestic servant, then as a laundress in St. Louis, Missouri. Determined to earn enough money to provide her daughter with a proper education.

madam c.j. walker
Madam C.J. Walker, née Sarah Breedlove

She started in the hair field thanks to her barber brothers and met Annie Malone, an African-American hair care entrepreneur. In July 1905, she moved to Colorado, and began to develop her own hair care business.

She develops her new knowledge, creates and improves her own line of products, to solve the problems of dandruff and other scalp disorders, including baldness, which were common among black women of her time.

Then she began to offer independent hairdresser services by teaching how to use her hair products, this training, became later her sales force “the WALKER system”. While going door to door with her daughter to sell her products.

In 1908, she moved with her husband to Pennsylvania, where they opened a beauty salon and created the Lelia College of Beauty Culture and subsequently opened several points in America.

In 1910, she established the headquarters of the Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company in Indianapolis.

She first buys a house and builds a factory, a hairdressing salon, a beauty school to train her sales agents, most of whom are women, and a laboratory to help researches.

“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. You have to get up and make them.”


3 – Harland David Sanders « Poulet Frit Kentucky »

Harland David Sanders, known as “Colonel Sanders” was passionate about cooking from a young age, he worked in several professions to support his family.

kfc first logo

In 1940, he owned a gas station in Kentucky, where he decided to serve his own recipes to customers, it was a great success, which allowed him to expand his business throughout the United States.

Ruined after a few years, he no longer owned anything! Or almost. He had his recipes!


He crossed the United States searching for a restaurant that would agree to sell him his chickens, after several refusals. A restaurant agreed to let him cook his chickens and sell them in his restaurant.


In 1952, he set up his new company “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. The first KFC restaurant is opened in Utah. It reaches 600 outlets across the United States. He parted with it in 1964 for $2 million to a group of investors.

All is possible to those who believe

This story is a proof that you can start all over again from the beginning and get rich out of nothing. The only limits are those that we impose on ourselves.

When a man has a definite desire for something, and does everything he can to acquire it, sooner or later it will become true.


By appearing in the form of different opportunities. If these are not recognized and grasped or a temporary defeat arises. The goal will therefore not be achieved.

  Maybe that’s why so many people fail !

Every human being wishes to become rich. But a wish will not bring wealth. Instead, desiring wealth with a positive mindset and determination, then planning definite plans to acquire that wealth, and sustaining those plans with a perseverance that does not acknowledge failure, will bring that wealth.

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