Flowers makes us discover the profession of florist

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Florist, a profession that we rarely hear about in Algeria, yet it is an interesting field, and requiring a particular know-how. Spending your time surrounded by flowers and greenery may seem like an easy and fun job for the average person.

Today, thanks to FLOWERS, we are going to discover the secrets of this job.

Indeed, being a florist is certainly a combination of passion and hard work, but it is also a lot of patience, creativity and knowledge, like any craft.

Today, and thanks to FLOWERS we will discover the secrets of this trade. Located in Gambetta – Oran, the florist shop is owned by Mr. Salem Aggouni, who has been practicing this trade since 2015.

Inspired by his family culture, their botanical knowledge, his studies in marketing and his creativity, he creates around his concept. The store opens its doors to individuals and professionals. Either for a bouquet to offer or the coverage of an event.

This task, which may seem easy, requires knowledge of botany and a lot of tips and tricks. In this interview, Mr. Salem Aggouni tells us about his beginnings as a florist. He also makes us discover, with precision, the world of this job, exciting and demanding at the same time.

First of all, how did you get started in this business?

So I started in the garage of our family home, which I converted into a workshop. By exploiting our garden, a connection was created between me and this place. Thanks to my mother who helped me a lot as she is very manual, I was able to move forward and above all not to give up.

After that, I started to drop off free samples and vases, in hotels and different places. The goal was to show a diversity in the bouquets and services offered; offering original work and a wide range to meet all needs.

What challenges have you faced?

The biggest challenge was to introduce the diversity of the florist business and its services. I had to adapt quality products in different budgets, offering the customers the choice.

What are the best-selling flowers?

Flowers convey our feelings much better than words.

Depending on the occasion, each one has its say so that you can express your message in perfect harmony with your feelings. My clients generally prefer lilies that express the purity and grandeur of feelings,

la lys blanche
White lilies
la fleur LYS
oriental Lily
bouquet roses

We also have the rose, which was at its peak during the romantic period. It is the flower of femininity by excellence and the Hydrangea which represents gratitude, grace and beauty.


How do you select the flowers to make a bouquet?

By inspiration according to the request of the customer, the theme, the event or the occasion. The assembly is done naturally by following the colors, the perfumes, the forms of each flower and vegetation chosen.

You make beautiful bouquets, where do you get your inspiration from?

The profession of florist requires creativity and patience, I learn and develop my knowledge every day; I always stay informed of the latest trends. And above all I don’t copy, I take inspiration, then I develop my own way.

How do you store the flowers?

We focus on quality, that’s why we import rare and good quality flowers that last in time. I put them in a special climate chamber, which helps me to preserve the flowers and the rose more precisely.

It is important to know that there are some flowers that are more fragile than others and require much more maintenance, such as the Hydrangea which is the most fragile flower. However, the Oriental Lily is the most resistant and very fragrant.

Where do the flowers come from?

80% of my flowers are imported from Kenya, Ethiopia and Holland. I import quality flowers and plants with a long life span. We do our best to have exclusivity and offer quality flowers.

And it is up to the customer to choose between imported or local flowers according to his budget and preferences.

What is a florist for professionals like?

It is to be up to the requirements of large events and companies, to understand their needs for a gain of time and efficiency, we are also used to animate Team-Building, in the form of short workshops for companies.

This was recently the case for a laboratory, for the making of a bouquet of flowers.

Tips & Tricks

What you need to know about this everlasting rose

The wonderful eternal rose

Eternal rose is a natural rose that has undergone a stabilization process. Also called Lyophilization to become immortal, roses are forced to absorb a natural preservative liquid. This is done when they reach their peak of beauty.Ce liquide permet à la rose de respirer tout en éliminant les molécules nuisibles, principalement situées dans la tige.
Indeed, the eternal rose will not fade and requires very little maintenance. This rose is put under a bell. It comes from Ecuador and Colombia.

A symbol of tenderness and sweetness, this rose can be given to a loved one, your wife, your mother, grandmother or even a friend.

What to care of the eternal rose

It is enough to avoid removing the bell that keeps it protected from the open air, humidity and climate changes. Thus, the rose should not be touched.

How to preserve a bouquet of flowers?

The following steps should be taken:

Prepare a nice clean vase of water;
Change the water every two days and cut the stems in bevels of two to three centimeters;
Remove the leaves from the stems, so that they do not affect and rot the water ;
Finally, there are several tricks to preserve flowers. The most economical is to dilute a pinch of sugar or baking soda in water. This allows the plants to draw the necessary nutrients. It is also possible to use a preservative for cut plants.

What about the maintenance of the BAMBOO?

They are very popular, but many people do not know how to keep them. In fact, the Bamboo needs daylight but away from the sun. It is necessary to put it in a transparent vase, because the bamboo is green on all the length of its stem (Photosynthesis) and to change the water every 15 days.

If the leaves turn yellow, it is because it needs organic matter which it does not find in water, it is then necessary to put liquid fertilizer to him.

The profession of florist is an exciting job that requires creativity, aesthetics, patience and a strong sense of customer service to understand the needs of each customer.

Florists play an important role in our daily lives by embellishing our events and expressing our deepest feelings. Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday or just to please someone, FLOWERS is at your disposal and promises you floral arrangements, boxes or even the design of your spaces to amaze you with the beauty of nature.