Electric car in Algeria

The electric car in Algeria is part of the sustainable development strategy for an energy transition in the years to come.

In the energy transition view, the government has put in place measures to install 1,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2024 across all Wilayas. A gradual development of electric transport vehicles in Algeria.

A hundred service stations equipped with electric charging stations have already been set up, with a target of one equipped station for each Wilaya.

This terminal which will be installed is produced in Algeria; it recharges a battery in 1 hour and a few minutes for a vehicle with a range of 400 km.

To encourage citizens in this approach, the Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies, called for a shortening of taxes that will be imposed on electric vehicles to increase their attractiveness.

Initiatives must also be adapted to the Algerian society, to introduce the ecological and energy culture and thus guide consumers.