The exhibition booth: what you should know

Contrary to what most think, marketing has not put an end to traditional methods of communication. Among these, the exhibition booth, which retains all its importance and its role in terms of visibility and notoriety.

It is indeed a very effective means of event communication that can be implemented at exhibitions, trade fairs and trade shows.

Discover the different types of stands.

To what serves this means ?

The exhibition booth is above all a design, construction and conception which must be visually successful. For this, originality, creativity and professionalism are the watchwords. Each company must think about distinguishing itself from others in order to attract visitors, seduce them, introduce them to a product or simply retain existing customers.

That’s what an exhibition booth is for. Hook and conquer new targets!

Today, exhibition booth is no longer reserved for a few sectors of activities.

There are now all types and sizes of companies, medical laboratories that come to exhibit their products. Craft, cosmetic or food brands. Innovative startups related to well-being, beauty, technology, fashion and artistic creation…

What does an exhibition booth actually consist of?

More concretely, the general booth installation, consists in the layout of the exhibition spaces.

In general, equipped booths are from 9sqm for an aluminum structure, partition, carpet, table, chairs, basket, electric spotlights and signage.

However, different types of booths exist and you should choose one according to your needs!

For examples:

  • The traditional or individual booth
  • The modular structure
  • The foldable and portable booth

The traditional or individual booth:

The traditional booths are personalized according to the customers it depends on their vision and especially on their budget! Because it is indeed the most expensive booth.

A study is made for a custom design, first of all 2D and 3D models are made,

the technical part to choose the different materials and colors, the launch of the manufacturing and finally the assembly.

Custom booths are a leading marketing strategy to stand out, the impact is not the same as an ordinary booth, the advantages are several: – a unique presence – more visibility – the image of the business is strengthened.

The modular structure:

A durable and ecological solution, with a frame system, these modular structures allow you to build in different ways and quickly in a professional and elegant result.

A transportable or adaptable solution, the booth is expensive at first sight,

but remains an economical choice since the exhibitor becomes the owner and can reuse and adapt it afterwards.

Modifiable, both in size and in covering, easy to assemble, which allows new layouts for future exhibitions.

The foldable and portable booth:

Modular pop-up display, a support in visual communication. The lightest, made with carbon, PVC, aluminum, it is quick to install and transport.

It can be used for large exhibitions as well as for animations and other events.

Placed at the bottom of the booth or as a separation.

Several sizes are available in a straight or curved stand.

How to choose colors for exhibition booths?

The choice can be made depending on logo colors of your company, on the flagship product that you want to highlight during this exhibition or simply by opting for neutral colors like black, beige, white, gray, brown. 

it’s about your corporate image

Each booth offers several advantages, you are free to choose the one that meets your needs and your budget. Thus, you should call a communication agencies or professional stand builders to succeed in this kind of marketing operation.

Professionalism and design are a guarantee of success! Your booth is more than just a place to welcome different visitors. It is above all your images and a showcase that reflects the quality of your products and services, whatever their nature!