SHEMS & NUR Restaurant

SHEMS & NUR a new cultural and peaceful place in Oran, at the Equestrian Club “Le Cavalier d’Oran” the restaurant welcomes you with a diversified menu, delicious dishes carefully prepared by the Chef Kamel Benayad Cherif.

From the first day of the holy Ramadan, you can enjoy your Ramadan evenings within the great SHEMS & NUR family around a coffee or tea, good desserts and traditional cakes.

From the second week of the holy Ramadan, the restaurant will serve EL IFTAR under an oriental theme with mostly traditional Algerian dishes; for the S’HOUR grills will also be served at the restaurant which will be open until 3am.

Enjoy a horseback ride just before El Iftar and spend an incredible evening at SHEMS & NUR.

Book on 0 657 308 621