Marble & Granite : Building stones

Marble and granite are among the building stones whose use goes back to centuries, whether in the interior design or in decoration of many residences such as kitchen work surfaces or others.

Today, we go to the north of Algeria, precisely to TLEMCEN to discover together specialists in the natural stone sector and whose history is far from stopping that in simple materials of construction.

Nowadays, the use of these two prestigious materials is on the rise. Indeed, these natural stones offer many advantages and a very satisfying appearance, which makes them ideal for use as both worktops and flooring or other.

However, each of them also has unique properties and specificities that distinguish them from each other.

Today, we go to the north of Algeria, precisely to TLEMCEN to discover together the company BENYAHIA Granite & Marble; specialized in the natural stone sector and whose history is far from stopping that in simple materials of construction.

But first, let’s take a little tour to learn a little more about these building stones.

Marble and granite, what you need to know


Let’s start with marble, which is usually known to represent elegance and luxury.

Derived from a metamorphic rock that forms with limestone or dolomite and whose main component is calcium carbonate.

It offers a wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes, including polished, honed, brushed or distressed. This allows for the creation of different textures and visual effects to match different decorating styles, such as fireplaces and sculptures.

Generally used for :

Its strength and resistance to scratches, impacts and daily wear and tear when properly maintained, especially for kitchen work surfaces and outdoor flooring;
Increase the value of a property, as it is often associated with high-end finishes and superior quality;
A touch of sophistication with a smooth and shiny finish thanks to the polishing ;
Some types of marble such as Carrara marble have a translucent property that allows light to pass through, which can create interesting visual effects when used as a wall covering or design element;
Its natural antibacterial properties make it a hygienic material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces;
Its resistance to heat (up to 180°) makes it ideal for kitchen surfaces and outdoor use.


For its part, granite comes from an igneous rock that forms when magma gradually cools below the surface of the ground.

Its main component is quartz, feldspar and mica which makes it very strong and resistant.

It gives a very beautiful visual for the interior, moreover it is often used for :

Its wide range of colors and patterns that allows to find a harmony with any style of decoration;
Its ease of maintenance, which makes it very practical, it is also resistant to chemicals commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, ideal for kitchen counters ;
Resistant to climate change, making it ideal for outdoor flooring, pool surrounds and decks;
Its durability, it is an easily recyclable material, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

Marble & granite can vary in terms of characteristics, depending on the different models and qualities that there may be. It is therefore recommended to consult specialists in their fields to advise you on your project.

BENYAHIA Granite & Marble, towards the discovery of an ancestral expertise

With an expertise in interior and exterior design and the shaping of natural and composite stones that goes back 26 years, having been created in 1987 the company is highly specialized in its field.

It is a know-how from father to son that has become a deeply rooted tradition in their culture and is passed on from generation to generation.

Marbre & Granit

Benyahia Granite & Marble now has two units that collaborate and work in partnership (Sarl GMT & Eurl FAG). With an experience in the industrial manufacture of granite flagstone in accordance with international standards for interior and exterior wall coverings.

They offer a selection of natural and composite stones, of various sizes, colors and shades, divided into two ranges:

The marble variety :

The granite variety :

ContactezBenyahia Granit & Marbre

Tel : 0 557 92 68 43 – 0 553 88 00 56

These exceptionally durable stones are meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art machinery to cut the blocks into tiles and thin slices.

From idea to reality, a broad vision

Benyahiya Granite & Marble has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to using their expertise to bring your projects to life.

In addition, it offers a variety of services, including custom slicing, thick slicing and more than 10 different treatments to meet your needs. Indeed, the treatments of surfaces with ornaments of distinctive shades and complex formations.

A quality work and a finish in the image of these prestigious natural stones.

What perspective for the marble and natural stone industry in Algeria?

Algeria is booming in the industrial sector of marble, granite and composites. Considered as a rich mine of natural stones, which gives it a key role in the international market.

The raw marble is certainly exported, but the development of various processing industries producing finished products such as paving stones, tiles, worktops, floors and mosaics or others are in full expansion and this despite the strong competition from countries around.

Moreover, the State shows its support to this kind of industries and this by relying on initiatives launched to improve the quality of these products; while increasing their export. A high potential for this market.

Benyahia Granite & Marble has a very promising future, especially with its advanced technologies and high quality products.

Now you have a wide range of information on this topic, allowing you to make a more informed decision for your next construction project!