Artificial Green Wall: An Aesthetic Revolution in Decoration

A combination of art, science and technology, Interior design aims to optimize every space for efficient use in the pursuit of individual well-being. Which in just a few years has spread around the world, becoming the emblem of international chic and a reflection of the current trends in which we live.

The constantly evolving world of decoration fascinates many, a growing number of trends have emerged, including the Vertical Garden or the Green Wall, a concept from the USA, reproduced by Vertical Luxury Garden in Algeria.

The Natural Green Wall concept was created in 1986 by French biologist and botanist Patrick Blanc, and it’s a breathtaking innovation in the world of decoration.

Skyscrapers, hotels and walls covered in greenery and natural plant life are causing a sensation ; such as Thailand’s Bangkok EmQuartier or Australia’s Sydney One Central Park.

Green wall – Building in Madrid, Spain

Artificial green walls

Over time and with the constant development of the world we live in, consumers’ needs and desires are changing, so many designers and architects have taken the idea and adjusted it to benefit as many people as possible, using artificial plant walls.

Offering design diversity that makes them suitable for a variety of decorating spaces.

In residential interiors, they can be integrated into living spaces, creating an environment closer to nature.

The Artificial Green Wall in Algeria

This concept was introduced to the Algerian market by Vertical Luxury Garden, experts in the creation of premium artificial green environments, vertical gardens, green ceilings and hanging gardens.

A wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of floral art and decoration, enabling to offer a complete range of indoor and outdoor artificial green walls, plant murals, green ceilings and made-to-measure creations. All with a unique mastery that guarantees a green wall that won’t move over time.

What’s the artificial green wall made of?

The green wall or vertical garden is a set of artificial plants that are identical copies to the natural ones, made of synthetic materials. They contain grids and locking panels at the back for vertical installation. These artificial gardens are used indoors and outdoors to embellish spaces.

With a range of guaranteed and certified products, Vertical luxury garden offers its customers a tailor-made Green solution for any space.

In addition to this, a specific accompaniment is provided for each customer, to guarantee correct installation that lasts. The landscaped area requires no special maintenance, and the plants used are recyclable and are in conformity with all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

The company, through its many designers and experts, guarantees a 10-year for all its products in enclosed spaces and five years in outdoor areas.

Where can we integrate it?

This element is used in a variety of public, residential and commercial spaces.

These green walls are ideal for adding an elegant and visually appealing touch, whether to restaurants, hotels, stores and companies, as well as schools, beauty and resorts who can use them to promote an atmosphere conducive to learning and relaxation.

mur vegetal artificiel

Artificial green wall features and benefits

  • High-quality artificial plants
  • Ultra-realistic appearance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from fresh polyethylene (PE)
  • Non-toxic
  • Very high Weathering resistance
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Fire resistance up to 1H
  • Maintenance-free
  • No light required
  • Easy to install yourself. DIY
  • The product is not recycled but can be

The elegance and added value of green walls

These vertical gardens take interior design to the next level. They blend harmoniously with a variety of decorating styles, whether minimalist, industrial, bohemian or contemporary.

Their varied shapes and textures provide a blank canvas for artistic expression, allowing designers and decorators to create unique compositions and distinct atmospheres that blend perfectly into the existing space.

In addition to their aesthetic impact, these walls also contribute to well-being. Studies show that the presence of greenery in an interior space reduces stress and anxiety, making it a valuable addition in environments where comfort and tranquility are essential, such as spas, medical waiting rooms or even offices for a more productive, zen-like environment.

Finally, they can even increase the real estate value of a property by attracting the attention of potential buyers and adding a touch of luxury to any home or space.

Artificial green walls bring elegance that endures and amazes. Adding a unique dimension to our daily lives, it becomes clear that these creations are much more than just a decorative trend.

But a statement of style and a demonstration of commitment to the environment by creating unique, harmonious spaces, while contributing to the well-being of those who enjoy them. The elegance, personalization and durability they offer make them functional works of art.

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