The high potential of Algerian companies in Africa

Africa has always been a potential market and that in various sectors. From natural wealth, a young workforce to great production potential, the continent is seeing considerable economic growth. Indeed, it is becoming attractive for many economically powerful countries, such as Russia and China.

Recently, a Russia-Africa summit was held in St. Petersburg to give new dynamism to the partnership between the two parties. In 2022, the volume of trade between the African continent and Russia reached $18 billion.
China’s presence in Africa has also been growing since 2000.
Investments have exploded in various sectors particularly in construction and public works
(urban infrastructure, roads, railways, dams, hydroelectricity), forestry, mining and oil extraction. In this context, the continent presents itself as a huge market, with a population expected to reach 3 billion by 2050, and a global GDP estimated at 2,500 billion USD. As a result, the African market is becoming economically attractive.

Should Algeria reserve a place in the African market?

As for Algeria, it ranks among the top 10 richest countries in Africa. According to the World Bank report, Algeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow by 3.2% in 2022 and by 5% in 2023. The country is progressing well in several sectors, such as industry and local production, despite some difficulties. However, the state of progress remains considerable, with new producers and old pillars of the Algerian economy.

With its ambition to diversify its non-hydrocarbon exports, Algeria is turning to Africa as a market with great potential.

Taking into consideration the importance, of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which offers a favorable economic and political factor for the intensification of trade through the creation of a common market.

In fact, several Algerian products will be exported to African countries. These include cement, steel, fertilizers, urea and food products. The country also exports household appliances… and that to Niger, Cameroon, Benin, Ivory coast and Mali.

So, the government is planning to provide financial assistance to better represent and promote Algerian products at trade fairs. Here we’d mention Belux Éclairage, a light carrier for almost 50 years.

Belux lighting :

an Algerian company at the height of the international market

After making its name shine on the national market, the Belux group, which specializes in the field of public lightning and urban furniture, is now aiming for wider expansion.

Its aims to create major opportunities on the African continent by building strategic partnerships based on geographical proximity and by sharing experience and expertise.

For example, the 40,000-seat Miloud Hadefi stadium in Oran has so far hosted a number of sporting events attracting regional and international media coverage.

As the national market leader, Belux Lighting is considered a major partner for its various customers: local authorities, lighting installation companies, architects, tourist and sports organizations.

The company’s high-quality equipment has illuminated many Algerian towns and cities, as well as major infrastructures.

Added to this are a number of infrastructures such as universities, ports and airports, roads, bridges and tunnels, historic sites, tramways…

Combining “know-how” and “professionalism

The Belux Group has made its mark on the Algerian market for several reasons. Firstly, through its network of agencies, showrooms and production sites throughout the country. Belux Lighting not only welcomes its customers, but also displays its range of luminaires, lighting and urban furniture.

Thanks to its qualified staff and dedicated managers, the group offers products that are perfectly adapted and integrated into the various lighting projects. In addition to its manufacturing and distribution activities, the company provides its customers with the advice and assistance they need for their projects.

Lighting and photometric studies can be carried out to ensure optimal, comfortable and efficient lighting.

Technical, visual and commercial aspects are all taken into account, while respecting and complying with norms. Belux Lighting also offers interior, exterior and solar lighting studies. The company has a design department to carry out free studies on request.

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The company has also launched a Lighting Training Center to promote light-related professions. The “Académie Lumière” offers training in public lighting for city lighting maintenance managers, engineers, technicians, urban planners and electricians.

Find out more about the Academy↗

It is worth mentioning that Belux Lighting has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Professional Training to co-develop specialties in lighting-related professions. This shows the determination of its leader to leave his mark on Algeria’s economic and entrepreneurial sector.

A project that was handed down from father to son, the head of Belux Éclairage, Mr Belaroui, is always thinking of new developments. Having created a brilliant reputation for his company, he has set his sights on making his mark throughout Africa in the long term.

An ambition that seems entirely appropriate, particularly in response to the Algerian government’s many appeals to economic operators. Taking advantage of Algeria’s geostrategic and diplomatic position in Africa, it’s time for Algerian companies to take the opportunities offered by the continent.

Belux Lighting is listening to African cities, to illuminate the continent with lighting solutions and urban furniture. sharing its experience and expertise of nearly 50 years.