Team Building: motivate and strengthen the cohesion of your team

The success of a company relies on a culture that fosters a dynamic team spirit; through the development of event communication and the organization of a Team Building that will bring added value to your company.

A Team-Building is an internal event of a company that serves to enhance the bonds between employees. It is an opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and the feeling of belonging to the company.

For one day, colleagues share activities outside of the workplace while spending a moment of conviviality. This will have tangible results on the life of the company.

Do you want a pleasant atmosphere in your company?

Do you want to create and strengthen the cohesion of your team?

Defusing conflicts?

Developing collective intelligence?

Boost the individual and collective motivation of the team?

Communicate differently? …

It is possible thanks to Zed DigiDek. Our agency will accompany you throughout the organization of the team-building to meet all your needs.

We offer several activities depending on the objectives of the company and the location selected:

  • Circuit of games and sports activities (rope pull, knot circle, chain of communication, sack race…);
  • Mini soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball tournaments… ;
  • Excursions ;
  • Cooking workshops ….

When to organize a team building ?

The ideal time to schedule a team building is when you notice unusual and repetitive behavior within your company:

  • frequent absences, poor performance, decreased motivation…

These are signs that should alert you. As soon as you notice them, find a date for the event, taking into account the availability of all participants.

Zed DigiDek’s team-building is a catalyst for competence, revealing skills, know-how and ability.

By inviting all employees & collaborators to take up rewarding and enriching team challenges around the objectives and values of your company where the participants will keep a vivid moment of emotion that will be engraved in their memories.

The role of our agency:

Zed DigiDek will unleash energy by combining entertainment and team building techniques with an approach based on the following principles:

  • Create a collective sense of belonging
  • Promote goodwill among all employees and defuse conflicts
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Promote exchanges and communications between all
  • Increasing a team’s performance
  • Develop the spirit of innovation

A commitment on your part and you will find a solution to your measures to advance teamwork, achieve cohesion between employees and create a healthy environment.

So if you have needs in terms of team building to achieve these goals and get a higher level of performance, we invite you to entrust your team to our agency to maximize the return on investment.

Our agency offers this service in Oran, Algiers, Taghit and Timimoune.

Contact us to make your team shine!

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