The virtual exhibition of technology, innovation and startups “STARTECH”

The Startech exhibition is an annual event in the ICT sector, it emphasizes the national and international offer in terms of technology and innovation, but also it is a showcase for new startups

The company BMA EVENTS, recently labeled as a startup by the Minister responsible for the knowledge economy and startups, has just launched its own platform for online virtual events


The platform allows organizers to offer virtual exhibitions in different economic sectors, a big plus in Algeria’s digital landscape

The advantage of virtual is the low cost for the organizer and the exhibitor but also the absence of borders where visitors can access it from any corner of the globe 24 hours a day

The objective is to support companies to increase their business in Algeria and why not on an international scale thanks to the interactive and unlimited properties of the web


The company BMA EVENTS takes advantage of this revolutionary technology to launch the virtual exhibition of technology, innovation and startups “STARTECH” which is an event of the ICT sector which presents itself not as a competitor of the various physical exhibitions that exist in this field but as a complement which offers a wider distribution of the products and services exhibited.

STARTECH is also an affordable way to launch new startups, for its 1st edition the organizers have decided to offer a free stand for young startups but also for all innovative projects