Compose & Share restaurant

ramadan 2022
Buffet by Compose & Share

Compose & Share (C and S) restaurant, cafeteria and caterer is based in Oran. Its team offers innovative, local and seasonal menus which adapt to the needs of catering or corporate events

Book by calling the following number 0794 22 35 50

The restaurant offers all-you-can-eat buffets with the best ingredients from the Oranie region ; Thanks to their partnerships with farmers, producers and suppliers.

Their philosophy is simple: healthy, delicious food and simply sparkling service.

Desserts by Compose & Share

For the month of Ramadan, the Compose & Share team have concocted for you

The most gourmet and succulent dishes of oriental cuisine, from the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) to the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine…). All served in a generous all-you-can-eat buffet with savory and sweet notes.

menu oriental ramadan

The Restaurant is open every evening until 03:00 am during the month of Ramadan.

El IFTAR (Ftour) is proposed at the price of 2000 da per person.

Choose one of the two formulas proposed for the S’HOUR :

  • With grilled meat 1500 da per person
  • Without grilled meat 950 da per person

Let yourself be attracted by an oriental buffet that will transport you to an atmosphere of a thousand and one nights. Book now ! by calling the number 0794 22 35 50

Address: USTO cooperative Ziroud Youcef n°2, Oran