ORAN: Where to go out during Ramadan 2023

Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with family, friends or colleagues, in a friendly atmosphere by tasting incredible traditional and international dishes, a refined and succulent cuisine to satisfy the most greedy, around an IFTAR or for an evening in Oran.

Discover the addresses that open their doors and kitchens to serve you and let you relax during the month of Ramadan.

To get away or if you are visiting Oran around a meal carefully prepared for you.

SHEMS & NUR Restaurant

Equestrian Club Le Cavalier Oranais, Es-Senia – Oran
Live a unique experience at the SHEMS & NUR restaurant which invites you during the month of Ramadan in a typical and authentic setting at the Equestrian Club of Oran, Various menus are proposed, for EL IFTAR and S’HOUR on reservation.

Create unique memories during Ramadan 2023 and get out of your routine, treat yourself to the pleasure of being served.

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